Rodrigo Sandoval Almazán, Ernani Marques da Silva, Alexandre Reis Graeml


This special issue on e-gov shows RESI's trend to become each time more international, without forgetting its Brazilian origin and its interest in debating regional IS issues from a perspective of emerging economies.

The issue was organized by two scholars with a special interest in electronic government in Latin America and strong connections within their academic communities: Professor Rodrigo Sandoval Almazán, from the Autonomous State University of Mexico, and Prof. Ernani Marques da Silva, from the Federal University of Bahia. Both did an excellent job advertising this special issue to other researchers in Latin America and abroad and, as a result of that, ca. 30 papers were submitted, some of which now comprise this excellent issue.

We had papers submited by colleagues of several different countries and the final set of papers includes authors from prestigious universities around the world, among which Harvard, in the US, Universidad de Zaragoza, in Spain, and a few of Brazilian best schools.

I will let Rodrigo present each of the papers in this special issue. Do not miss his excellent editorial notes, that can be read by clicking on the link "Full text: PDF"

Very good job, guys!


Alexandre R. Graeml