Selecting Pedagogical Protocols Using SOM

Fernando Salgueiro, Guido Costa, Fernando Lage, Zulma Cataldi, Ramón García-Martínez

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During the first semesters of Computer Engineering the amount of human tutors is insufficient: the students/tutors ratio is very high and there is a great difference in the acquired knowledge and backgrounds of the students. The main idea of this paper is to describe a system that could emulate the human tutor and provide to the student with a degree of flexibility for the selection of the most adequate tutorial type. This could be a feasible solution to the stated problem. But a tutorial system should not only emulate the human tutor but besides it should be designed from an epistemological conception of what teaching Basic Programming means specially in an Engineering course due to the profile and identity of the future engineer. The stated solution implement a series of artificial neural networks to determine if there is a relationship between the given initial population of students learning predilections and the different tutoring types. A series of experiences were carried out to validate the current model.


Tutor Module; Intelligent Tutoring Systems; SOM.