System of Web-Based Electronic Medical Record

Lourdes M. Brasil, Carolina G. Abreu, Arlindo G. Vieira, Maurício A. Machado, Valfran S. Almeida, Rodrigo M. Rodrigues

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Nowadays, the information systems are considered a tool to make-decision support in several areas. One of the applications of this system could be in the development of a web-based Electronic Medical Record. The attention to standards, naming, accurate measuring and the system security in the sense of information privacy are fundamental elements in the development of a web-based electronic medical record. Therefore, based on the solidarity and maturity of web applications, this work presents a solution that could supply the construction of electronic medical records by the internet. Recently, in the Brazilian market there have been few successful initiatives. Taking this into account, this work proposes the use of proven software development methodologies. How a study case was used the tengiology and vascular surgery. Currently the medical consultation processes of the angiology and vascular surgery specialties are operated manually. The final product provides automatization of these procedures.


Electronic Medical Record; Information System; Angiology and vascular surgery.